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Louise Willcox Credits April 2018

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After working for the Manchester Probation Service, Louise joined the BBC in Manchester as a secretary.   She took night classes and succeeded in transferring to BBC Birmingham’s Audio Unit after just one year.

28 years later, in April 2006, Louise had reached the top of her profession – Senior Audio Supervisor (SAS) – and was made redundant from a shrinking BBC Birmingham.  She’d spent 26 years at Pebble Mill, just one at the Mailbox.  SAS was a very multi-skilled role across all areas of broadcast sound and by the time she left, Louise had mixed many different genre of shows across both Radio and Television – Studio, OB and Post.

On hearing of her imminent release into the community, Louise was approached by BBC Post Production’s dubbing department (downstairs) to cover a six month maternity absence starting immediately after she was shown the door (upstairs). A very nice start and thank you!

Since then, Louise has:

  • Continued in her  role as OB Sound Supervisor on the BBC Two Autumn-Spring-Winterwatch brand for the BBC’s Natural History Unit,
  • Worked with, and for, OB companies ‘Arena TV, Cloudbass, CTV, NEP, Prestigne Charter, Televideo, and Timeline as a Sound Supervisor on many live and recorded projects –  Sport, Natural History, Education, Theatre (music and drama), broadcast on terrestrial and web networks.
  • Become the Sound Assessor for the Government approved Level 7 OB Apprenticeship scheme, managed by Bradford University.
  • Been employed as Trainer by the BBC Academy, primarily at their Wood Norton training facility, near Evesham.  Training BBC staff and university students.
  • Presented ‘Audio Masterclasses’ for various universities.
  • Presented ‘How do they do that’ Archers Addicts sessions for members of the public – largest audience thus far: 350.
  • Advised on audio facility up-grades for various organisations.
  • Written articles for industry magazines.

This has now largely eliminated any anxiety Louise initially felt about entering the freelance world, back in 2006!   Louise is both a variety and planning ‘junkie’.  She likes to help people, and do it well.



2016: Pro Sound News:  Broadcast Audio Team of the Year for that year’s Autumnwatch/Springwatch.

2011: Special Craft BAFTA  (together with Springwatch Team) for innovation across all broadcast platforms.