About Us

DWR Associates is based in Nuneaton, between the M6, M42, M69 and A5 – ideally placed for travel to anywhere in the country.

Our major customers are: BBC Productions, NEP, Sunset and Vine, Arena TV, CTV,  BBC Academy and Timeline.

DWR has a BBC Supplier Number.

DWR is VAT Registered.

Louise has a Special Letter of Authority (Lorimar Letter) from HMRC.

DWR can record voice-overs (to picture or wild) at its headquarters.

DWR’s audio edit suite is equipped with the SADiE 6 Sound Suite for Radio and Television post production.

DWR owns a variety of mics, including MS and AB stereo; various mixing desks, analogue and digital EQ, compressor/limiters, gates and reverberation devices.

DWR does not dry-hire kit.

DWR can copy from any audio format to any audio format.